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About Us

About Us

In 2013 we decided to try to fulfil a long held dream to have a very small breeding kennel of these amazing Weimaraner Longhair dogs, but we particularly wanted to introduce new, specifically working bloodlines. After much research, patience and with eternal thanks to the help of Lenka & Veronika from the Sanelle Sirrah kennel in the Czech Republic in December 2015 we imported Ushi — Camomile Fairy Sanelle Sirrah.


We have owned Weimaraner Longhairs since 1996 when we lived in the UK, after first seeing the breed at Crufts dogshow a few years before.  I have owned dogs all my life, mainly German Shorthaired Pointers and when the time came to get a new puppy & after lots of research & waiting we chose our first Longhair.  Gulliver — Galrhia Galaxy — and four years later we added Asia — Lady Rosetta — who was Gulliver's niece.

We came to Australia in 2007, bringing Gulliver and Asia with us, and although I had always trained in many disciplines with my dogs throughout their lives I had never competed. Obedience & gundog work were my main interests, but I had also done agility, tracking and dancing with dogs. In early 2008 we put our names down for a puppy from the Feldjaeger kennels in Queensland carefully selecting a puppy sired with strong working lines. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Gulliver in May and we were joined in October by Sullivan — Feldjaeger U R The Man (LH). We were soon persuaded by friends from the Weimaraner Club of Victoria to show him and from very few shows gained his Championship title, then through friends in the obedience club we attended I became confident enough to compete him in a variety of performance sports. Sullivan was always a pleasure to work with and he loved nothing more than training and we achieved many titles in Obedience, Retrieving and Tracking, though probably his favourite thing was doing tricks just for fun.

In 2015 we were waiting for Ushi to be able to join us in December, when we lost Sullivan unbearably early, two days after his seventh birthday in August. A few months later we were contacted by his breeder as she had an eight month old boy she had been keeping to wait for a show/working home. So with heartfelt thanks to Judy we welcomed Czaigen — Feldjaeger Quitethheartbreaker (LH) — into our home in November and we soon had two hyperactive, but wonderful teenage weimaraners.

Training two young dogs has given us many challenges but it also given us more pleasure than we can express. We soon achieved Czaigen's conformation championship and with both dogs we have so far competed in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Retrieving Ability Tests and Retrieving.  As the dogs mature we are starting to gain success in all areas.


Our Dogs

Meet The Team


Camomile Fairy Sanelle Sirrah (LH) RA. QND. (Imp CZE)


Aust. Ch. Feldjaeger Quitethheartbreaker (LH) RN.



Weischoice Busy Being Fabulous (LH)



Past, Present & Future



Planned Litters

We have just made the decision that due to a number of diffferent circumstances we will not be breeding for the next few years, We do hope to have puppies again though and will post any updates here.

Previous Litters

We had our first litter of beautiful longhair weimaraner puppies from Ushi & Czaigen on 21st September 2018, aiming for good conformation and great temperaments to make the best companions and working partners possible. The six boys and two girls were raised in our home and to try to ensure they were confident, happy and well socialised we will used the "puppy culture" program to help achieve this. If to find out more about this method please visit this website Puppy Culture. We decided to keep one of the girls and we were lucky enough to have a waiting list of wonderful homes for the remaining seven puppies. Four (including ours) are in Victoria, one in Sydney, one in Perth and two in New Zealand.

We hope to have a second litter from Ushi in the second half of 2020 and would love to hear from you if you wish to go on our waiting list.

If you interested in sharing your life with one of these amazing dogs, but are unfamiliar with the breed please read the page The Weimaraner. We would also suggest contacting your local breed club, going to shows, contacting other owners and finding out as much as you can about these dogs. We would always be happy to inform and advise and would welcome the opportunity for you to meet our dogs, either at our home or at one of the shows or trials we attend.

For any general enquiries please see the Contacts page.


The Weimaraner

About The Breed

The Weimaraner, also known as the grey ghost, is a German gundog bred in the district of Weimar originally to hunt deer and wild boar. The breed was later developed to be truly versatile in hunting, pointing and retrieving a variety of feather and fur. The dogs always had a particularly close relationship with their owners, usually living in the home and unlike many gundogs breeds protecting their family if necessary.


The Weimaraner is not a breed for everyone; they can appear to be reserved, aloof and can certainly be strong-willed and very demanding of your time and attention. They are highly intelligent, often thinking they know better than you, and have very high energy needs, as well as considerable mental stimulation. They will usually want to be wherever you are, so they are not a dog you can give a quick walk and then leave in the backyard. They need very consistent training, never harshly though as they are extremely sensitive and can easily be ruined by too strong methods. They also need to be well socialized as they can tend to form very strong attachments to their family pack to the detriment of other contacts. Due to these traits they are the most loyal companions, always interesting and giving much pleasure and joy.


They are large dogs:

  • males between 59 - 70 cms at the shoulder, 30 - 40 kgs

  • females between 57 - 65 cms, 25 - 35 kgs


The longhair and shorthair varieties are physically the same except for the length of the hair. In many countries long and short haired dogs are bred together to increase the gene pool. The coat on the body is usually 3 - 5 cms, with more length on the ears, rear legs and tail, usually straight or slightly wavy and is very fine so needs much less grooming that most long haired breeds and sheds much less too. It is also a great advantage to give protection when working in heavy undergrowth or when swimming in winter.

The Weimaraner

Deborah and Colin

Healesville, Victoria, Australia

Phone:   0423 970 656

OUR Information

In Our Hearts

"Gulliver" -

Galrhia Galaxy

1996 - 2008

"Asia" -

Lady Rosetta

2000 - 2010

"Sullivan" -

Ch. Feldjaeger U R The Man (LH) CDX. TD. QND. ORA.

2008 - 2015


? - 2019

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In Our Hearts

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