Unfortunately one of the boys from our first litter is looking for a new family. I have been in contact with the current family over many months to try to resolve the situation so they could keep him, but as you will read in their explanation below they have now made the very hard decision. 

Please understand he does have some issues, so will need to be with people who understand re-homed dogs and preferably have experience with Weimaraners. It would also be wonderful to find him a home fairly local to Melbourne and surrounds. To comply with Victorian legislation his microchip number is 956000006360567.

If you are interested in the first instance please contact me by phone or the contact form, all details on the Contact Us page.

"This has been a very tough decision and it breaks our hearts to do this, but we are searching for a loving home for our 19 month old desexed male Long Haired Weimaraner, Euca. We can’t give him the time and attention he deserves and think he will be better suited with someone who can. We believe Euca would be best suited with either a single person or a couple who are willing to walk and play with him everyday, have him inside when they are home and have the time to train him. We did have him trained well using positive reinforcement techniques such as food rewards, which he responds well to, however we let the training go after having a baby.

He is very intelligent and has a very high working drive so we don’t believe it will take too long to get him back on track. He needs and craves stimulation either through training or play so this is very important. In regards to his high working drive and after much advice from different professionals, Euca is on medication. He gets bored easily even when training and is looking for the next thing to stimulate him. He does this by barking. We have found the medication just calms him down enough so he isn’t constantly craving the stimulation. We don’t notice when Euca is on the medication ie not drowsy or dopey etc but we do notice when he isn’t. He also loves playing with other dogs and has a great time at dog parks and beaches where he also loves swimming in the water. He is great with people, but can unfortunately get a little too excited. Unlike most Weimaraners, Euca can be left for long periods outside by himself throughout the day. He’d obviously prefer to be inside with you when you’re home, but if he has to, he is quite happy playing outside. We also have him crate trained and he sleeps in there of a night.

We have found; however that we have been unable to leave Euca anywhere else but at home if we were going away. We have tried at our families homes, doggy daycares and kennels, but unfortunately he constantly barks. Instead we have had people housesit, including strangers, which he is completely fine with. The barking is an overall issue as he barks at people passing our home and when we come or go, but once we are out of sight he is fine. This would require consistent training to resolve which we just haven’t had the time to do.

We would prefer someone who has had Weimaraners before and understands the breed as we don’t want him to be rehomed again. We want his next home to be his last. This is very important to us. We are located on the Mornington Peninsula."

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